With an unlikely but international reach, Alborosie emerged from the Italian music scene to become a popular reggae and dancehall artist in reggae music's native Jamaica. Born in 1977 in Sicily, Alborosie taught himself how to play guitar, bass, piano, and drums. He was raised by his police officer father and housewife mother, both immigrants to Italy from Albania. By the age of fifteen, in 1993, he had joined the Italian reggae outfit Reggae National Tickets. By 2001 he had decided to embark on a solo career and moved to Jamaica, where he became a producer and sound engineer. Prior to his first release, 2008's  Soul Pirate, he worked with acclaimed producers including Ky-Mani Marley and Gentleman. Upon the release of his debut album, Alborosie received much positive international press. The year 2009 saw the release of his follow-up,  Escape from Babylon, which continued this trajectory. By 2011, following the  2 Times Revolution album, Alborosie had become the first white artist to be awarded the Music of Black Origin Award for Best Reggae Act. Through the 2010s, Albsorosie continued to release new albums while remixing them in the Jamaican dub style. The 2016 album  Freedom & Fyah presented a more modern mix of reggae with electronic elements and dubstep. In taking a musical form not native to his home country, returning to that music's origin and innovating upon it to much acclaim, Alborosie dubbed himself the "Albanian Reggae Ambassador."